Sunday, March 23, 2008

Your Money, Your Credit, Your Life

A couple weeks ago I was the guest host on one of the Saturday morning Talk Shows on WGL dealing with Real Estate. Not being a real estate agent or in the banking or mortgage business, I wanted to offer a different viewpoint. That viewpoint was basically, that no matter what the housing market is going through, each of us need to look at our own personal situation and plan accordingly.

I also took time today to write about money and lifestyle on one of my other blogs which you can read by clicking here.

And finally, I want to encourage you to check your credit regularly. There is a service called Don't go there. There is a hook.

Instead go to
. You can get reports from all three credit reporting agencies. If you are really organized, then space it out so you get a new report from a different agency every 4 months. And thanks to Kim Komando and my friend Jonathon Koester of BlueWater Mortgage for this tip and reminder.

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