Thursday, September 27, 2007

Goat Trauma?

Someone is pulling our leg, or arm, or something.

Relaxing ?

Play with the sharks!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Use it and lose it? or just wash it?

Until I worked in a plastics plant I never considered how plastic food containers were made.

Recently I watched how the garbage men that drive the truck that collects the recyclables actually put the stuff in their truck. It turns out that all the stuff, paper and plastic goes into the same container! Now I no longer sort paper into the brown bin and glass and plastic into the yellow bin. But I do wonder how much is ending up in a land fill with the rest of the trash....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A link to the boy and his tiger

My Favorite Son has a fascination with a comic strip that no longer exists. Well, it still exists, but it is no longer being created. It is the classic Calvin and Hobbes. While cruising thru Stumble! this weekend, I found a link for him and anyone else that wants to check out the boy and his tiger.

While MFS is off in Maine, I doubt that he packed his collection of Calvin books. This way he can have a Calvin fix from the comfort of his laptop.

Trivial info: The First Calvin and Hobbes appeared almost exactly 1 year to the day of MFS's 1st Birthday. The strip continued until MFS was 10 years old. Only MFS knows for sure when he started reading Calvin and collecting the books.

One other bit of trivial info: MFS's dad (that's me) had a stuffed tiger as a favorite for many years until I puked on it and it was to disgusting to save (according to my parents).

Somewhere I still have my stuffed bear that has these weird, life-like 3 dimensional eyes that watch you from the corner of the room.

And one day I'll find, scan and post a picture of the giant 5 foot Easter Bunny that I had as a kid.