Sunday, December 25, 2005

Whew... Merry Christmas

Once again the annual tradition of Christians celebrating Christmas has come and is winding down at our house.

Boy, that statement is filled with questions, so here are the answers....

I personally am a Christian. That means I recognize that as a human being, I am a sinner, and that only through my belief in Jesus Christ as my Savior, can I have a relationship with God, my Creator, who wants me to spend eternity in heaven. That belief is in the Gospel message

And while we celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25th, it is doubtful that that date is accurate, but it really does not matter.

So, never the less, we did it, complete with the gathering of our kido's including Rachael, Josh and his wife Laureen, Tiffany and her fiance Jon, and Abby (all spending Christmas eve with us); and then Ian, his son Jacob and his girlfriend all arriving about 6:30 this evening. Kathy and I went to a "rockin' Christmas Eve" at church, and we had the traditional corned beef, sandwich style. Kathy started a new tradition, which we will simply call SNOWFLAKES. Christmas breakfast looked like a B & B with fruit cups and meats along with banana and pumkin breads, fresh OJ and Pancakes complete with warm real maple syrup made by a friend of mine on his family farm.

Okay, I admit that there were a few glitches, but we all survived and now it's just me and my bride eating cheese and crackers with the twinkle of the tree and the glow of a computer screen and the T.V.

Whew, Merry Christmas to one and all!