Sunday, December 11, 2005

Dealing with Circumstances ramble

As I Start writing here, I have no idea what the Title of this post will be. Yet.

Last night before heading to bed, Kathy and I read some of my previous posts to this Blog and my other.

I found it interesting, as it was a way to reflect on my state of mind and heart over the last several months. Now looking back over the past week, I could see my heart and mind run the gamut of emotions.

The last 48 hours or so included being nearly run off the road by a driver of an S.U.V. (Thanks anti-lock brakes); Getting the news from my wife that she hit the garage door backing out before it opened and there was some serious damage; Sitting in traffic for nearly an hour, paying 18 bucks to see 10 minutes of basketball, snowblower that would not start, etc. As you can see, the mood was not pleasant. I was feeling like my life was filling up with a bunch of bull...

Yesterday afternoon, after eating some Popeye's Chicken with a Dew, I decided to move forward and look at my blessings and dig in and do what needs to be done. For example, I got the driveway done the old fashioned way, shovel in hand. That worked off some of the tension, and helped me prepare for the evening ahead.

Our habit is church on Saturday at 5pm. It is a contemporary service, complete with the bouncing ball on the big screens.

Last night, after church, we went to a Christmas presentation at Blackhawk Christian with our neighbors followed by a late bite to eat at the Munchie.

The messages that were coming to me over and over again, "What do you put your faith in?" And "Be Joyful, Prayerful, and Thankful."

These were not new messages to me, but more like reminders as a Christian, to live not based on my circumstances, but based on my relationship with God. I'd be glad to talk to anyone who does not understand the difference.

So today, I have blessed with some birthday greetings from my kid-os, blessed with my relationship with my wife (who is treating me to breakfast, coffee, a movie and dinner out). Thank you one and all and thank you Lord for All of my Life so far and what is yet to come.