Friday, July 20, 2007

Rise above the Clouds

This week a client of mine was telling me about how he was in a plane crash a few years ago. He and his friends were returning from a hunting trip in Canada, when the small plane they were flying found itself in the middle of a cloud. Visibility was zero.

Suddenly the cloud stopped and they were right in front on the side of a mountain. A split second later, they hit and there was nothing they could do. The good news was nobody died, my client had a cut or two and they were rescued.

If they were just 50 or 100 feet higher, they would have been above the clouds and been able to see what was around them.

Recently, I have been so busy it has been like wandering through the clouds at times. Every once in a while there is some sunshine, but I want to rise above the clouds. I have begun the assent and as a daily reminder, I updated my home start page. May you too rise above whatever clouds are in your life...

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