Monday, July 30, 2007


and my latest favorite is this one:

another Van Halen vid

Van Halen

The Jacksons

The Doors

The Cars


Crowded House

Beach Boys

Rush Tom Sawyer vid

Rush on stage video

another Queen vid

Queen's Radio GaGa


Pink Floyd

MJ Bad

Mercy Me

Who is this singing?

Matchbox 20


Lisa Marie doing a Don Henley tune

Funkytown/Scissor Sisters Mash Up

Kenny G

John Lennon Woman

John Lennon Watching the Wheels

John Lennon Starting Over

Jimmy B !

The last INXS vid

Another INXS video

INXS 2-FER Video


Goo Goo Dolls

Can you name this Fleetwood Mac tune in 6 notes?

Fleetwood Mac

Eric Clapton

One of my favorite songs!


Earth, Wind and Fire

Who is this?

Dire Straits

David Bowie

Cat Stevens Video

Billy Idol video

bee gees video

Ace of Base Video

Paul Music

Yesterday I posted the following and discovered that I put way too many videos in one post. So today they are being posted separately:

I added a few more to an earlier post of 80's Music videos and now here are a few more including Paul M's latest. I found a website that had links to all these vids from YouTube Some are interesting, some I've never seen before.

In the early 1980's I was working at a radio station and as a d-j in a club. At the club we started playing music videos including a couple of the following: