Sunday, November 12, 2006

Veterans, one and all

As the weekend winds down, I sit in the backroom with a laptop in my, er, lap and finally take time to write.

A little while ago I was mowing by the light of the street lamps, after my wife took care of a whole lot of leaves.

Before that I was looking for some clamps to secure a tarp that Chris and Abby put over the out door porch thing that Rachael assembled for us earlier this year.

Before that I was talking to Mojo at the radio station about a music promoter that thinks we don't treat him fair, but we do.

Before that I was sorting thru papers on my desk that I had left Friday.

Before that I was sorting thru papers and files in a cubical of a former employee of mine that didn't have the ....looking for a kind word here, but there isn't any... anyway, she quit by just not showing up for work and finally after a few phone calls, she called me back to tell me, it wasn't working out. By the way, I wish her well, and I have a couple of her personal items in a box that she can have in exchange for the files on clients that she has.

Before that, I stopped by the downtown Starbucks to say Hi to my wife Kathy and her friend Kathy. I recognized the car because it used to be mine and there is a very distinct couple of words on it, "Dime on", that are there so I could slyly find my car in a big parking lot.

Before that, I was sitting at the downtown Higher Grounds Coffee shop, observing the lack of business on a Sunday afternoon, so I could compare it with the busyiness of the downtown Starbucks.

Before that, well lots of stuff, but let's go to yesterday:

Kathy and I saw the movie Flags of our Fathers. Everyone should see it. Not that everyone will like it, but you should see it anyway. A very appropiate film to see on Veterans Day. We also got a call from Rachael, the daugther that assembled the outdoor thing that I mentioned already that got covered with a tarp today for winter.

Rachael and her Brandon were at our house, wondering where we were, and we were at the downtown Starbucks, the same one Kathy and her friend Kathy were at today. So they came down to SB and joined us for a lively conversation ranging from physics to politics, to a few other things. We had a good time and I got a hug from my Rachael before we all went our own ways.

Veterans Day was designed to pay honor to our military veterans, and there is a lot more to how it came into being which you can check out here.

Without meaning to be disrespectful in anyway, I urge all of us to take stock of what we have experienced on a regular basis, to see what we are veterans of, and to use that in a positive manner as each day moves forward.

You see, as I started this entry, there are lots of things that go on in our lives that we take for granted, yet we should stop and observe and reflect. If not now, when?