What IS Really?

It's my personal blog.

I also have a couple of Marketing & Advertising blogs:

ScLoHo's Collective Wisdom


The Not-So-Secret Writings of ScLoHo

and in 2011, I launched

ScLoHo's Social Media Adventure
as a guide to getting started with, and using some of the social media platforms and tools that I use.

I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, by choice, having grown up here from age 6 to 18 and came back a few times. In 1998 I moved back and in 2000 decided to stay.

Every morning at 6am, I feature a Fort Wayne Site of the Day.

Then in the afternoon, I feature items from other sites I've found including videos, wisdom and occasionally something direct from the heart.

In 2009, I started featuring a Saturday Night Classic Music Video.

In 2010 I started offering Tuesday Tech Tips for the non-techies.