Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Views from other websites

Behind our house is a house that has been for sale for over a year now. On the website listing, it had this picture of their backyard which also features a picture of our backyard (Blackhawk). Are you somewhere on the web and don't know it?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Broken Windows = New car

It started out as a nice relaxing, sleep-in-late, kind of Saturday morning. Until around 11 something, when Rachael went out to her car and came back in moments later.

Her passenger side front window had been smashed in; there was glass all over the place and a Walmart bag that had been used in the crime along with the rocks that had been in the bag lay next to the pile of glass in the street. (They also smashed her windshield.) What a rude awakening for all of us.

I gave my car keys to Rachael so she could get to her noon lunch appointment and simply started evaluating the situation. Prayers for wisdom where running thru my head and heart as I went outside to start the clean up.

It was a nasty day yesterday, snowing, windy, feeling bitterly cold compared to the warm temperatures we'd been blessed with this winter. Kathy joined me in the clean up and then we moved Rachael's car into the garage to continue cleaning up the glass inside.

Thoughts of the cost to repair/replace the broken windows vs. the value of this battered, barely running car was rushing thru my mind. Also a casual conversation I had earlier in the week came into play. I had stopped into D’Archangel Auto Sales last Monday concerning business and as I left, I spoke briefly with Dale, the owner, about a car he had on his lot. It was his personal car, which is always for sale. Hey, when you own a car lot, any car can be your own personal car.

When I left D’Archangel on Monday, I wasn’t planning on buying that car, I didn’t need one. Neither did Kathy, or Abby, and I had bought and given a car or two to Rachael in the past, and wasn’t planning on buying her that one.

So back to Saturday. As Kathy was helping me clean up Rachael’s car and put some plastic where her window used to be, we talked about whether it was worth it to fix or replace her car. We took a coffee break at Higher Grounds and while we were there, Kathy mentioned we could check with Dale at D’Archangel Auto Sales. Those were the magic words.

See, I did not need another car; there is nothing wrong with mine. And because I was prayerfully asking God to guide us yesterday with what to do, to be good stewards of the finances that God has allowed us to have, I saw Kathy’s question as guidance from God to move in that direction. I did some checking to see how and how much we could afford and then called Dale. He was closed, but he was still there, and so when we drove over there and we told him the broken glass and needing a replacement car, he was more than willing to stay longer to help us out, (And of course sell one more car!)

Kathy and I spoke about swapping cars around. She would get my car, which she really liked, I would get the new used car, and Rachael would get Kathy’s car.

Negotiating with Dale was fun. I let Kathy do the negotiating, and we saved $700 off his original asking price. I had a price in mind which I did not tell anyone, and when all was said and done, price of car + sales tax – trade in for Rachael’s old car = the price I had in mind + $9.00.

So today each of us are working and cleaning out cars and swapping keys and by the end of tomorrow, everything will be transferred, and all that fun stuff.

And that’s how Broken Windows = New (used) Car.