Friday, March 16, 2007

Ahhhh Relaxing

Imagine a time when all you had to do was relax. How do you relax? One of the blessings in life right now is the ability to take a brief vacation and relax. Here's how my week went:
Sunday: spend the morning looking over financial reports to gather information for a presentation to our board of directors, followed by 2 1/2 hours of meeting with my co-manager to decide who was going to do what in the presentation.
Monday: 14 hour work day
Tuesday: 12 hour work day and Kathy's birthday party
Wednesday 10 hour work day including the board meeting


7pm Wednesday night, kick off the Relaxing with dinner out with my wife.
Thursday: Time away to visit Kathy's siblings and family... ie relaxing
Thursday night coming home and discovering my son had his car stuck in the mud and there was nothing I could do about it except take him to the store and let him figure out what to do. (after all, he is 22 and a pretty smart kido)
Then right before falling asleep, being told the internet is not working, which means the phones are not working (VOIP), so I go upstairs for 90 minutes trying to fix it. Finally giving up and climbing into bed.
Friday morning, discovered that the phone was now working, which means the internet reset itself while I was sleeping. ( I gotta remember this lesson!) We left for Indy and have had a relaxing time eating Irish food, drinking in the Hard Rock Cafe, and taking magazine quiz's. Then she reads her book while he reads his e-mail. Yes, ahhhhhh this is relaxing.
Saturday is tomorrow, which is our wedding anniversary and St Pat's Day and we get to relax another day and a half before heading home.