Thursday, March 27, 2008

Living in a land of Absolutes

This week I have observed and slightly participated in a discussion at a local coffee shop, where the topic of choice came up and was argued to the absurd extreme.

There was a new guy that asked to be a part of the conversation and he held his ground without being overly aggressive. Meanwhile the college professor, the financial planner, the retired man and the business owner had various forms of agreement and disagreement and at times the volume has very loud.

The overall conflict came when words such as everyone, always, and similar absolutes. Discussions such as Blacks don't have the same life choices as whites where argued.

There are very few absolutes in this world, and eventually the few absolutes will be disproved. But when people stick to absolutes regarding race, poverty, wealth and the choices people have in various circumstances relating to the above; that's when negative stereotypes and prejudices flourish.

For nearly every arguement showing limited choices, we can find an exception. And be cause there are exceptions, that pokes a hole in the absolute.

Would you like a bottle of water that is absolutely pure? Yes.

If that bottle had 1% cyanide in it would you still call it absolutely pure? No.

Try drinking that....

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