Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's Attracting Folks to this Site

Taking a look at recent visitor traffic and what they Googled to get here, the top 2 recent topics have been:
  1. Summer Employment. Click here for the post.
  2. How to get engaged (married). Click here for the post.
Pertaining to Summer Employment, I was always finding ways to make money.

When my own kids complained that they couldn't find a job, I took them for a drive and gave them a sheet of paper and while I drove, they wrote down 25 places to contact the next day to see if they were hiring.

They thought they were done with Dad's silly exercise, but I told them to turn the paper over and we continued until they did another 25.

The next day after school, they were to get on the phone and call each of those places and find out which ones were hiring and then fill out applications.

I recall getting a phone call from a very excited teenager that had lots of prospects and a couple of job offers within a few days.

As far as getting married. I have done it twice. And neither time was I very romantic when I popped the question. So follow that advice.

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