Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not on this Blog

Due to my profession and desires, I do not publicize my political thoughts. I will talk to friends and family, but even there I choose my words carefully.

I do not use this personal blog to promote political beliefs, although I have a few links to blogs that are of a political nature on the right side of this page, that I will check on.

I like to hear all sides of the arguments. I like to question lots of opinions.

All of my kids, step kids and their significant others are old enough to vote. On November 9, 2007, I started a blog that is of a political nature. It is designed to get some thinking going. Thinking about this country, about our foundations, and about where we are going.

Without any publicity, it has registered 200 hits with just 16 posts including the one I wrote today.

If you want to go there, and read and comment, simply go to my home page at WWW.ScLoHo.Net, where there are links to all of my web pages on the left side. Click on the Political ScLoHo and any of the other links for that matter.

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