Sunday, June 22, 2008

Boat Ride Secrets!!

First some background info:

The past three weekends, my wife and I have had dinner at Nick's Boardwalk. This is the name of the outdoor dining deck that overlooks the river at Hall's Gas House in downtown Fort Wayne.

There is a pontoon boat and you can ride for 5 bucks. So yesterday we were planning on an outing that included food, drink and a boat ride, except the weather got in the way.

We gathered with 7 of our friends and ate, drank and then simply sat on the boat at the pier, because the captain was gone for the night. The nasty weather we experienced in the afternoon, shut down our main attraction.

However, (here comes the secret)...

This morning during my typical Sunday morning trip to the Firefly, I learned that a friend of mine, Matt Jones, is the pontoon pilot on Sundays between 4 and 8pm. Matt will tailor a boat ride to suit your group.

If you are interested in history, he'll point out the historical highlights. If you are interested in the environment, he'll fill you in on the insiders knowledge. Matt's full time life is with the Allen County Partnership for Water Quality.

My group of friends will schedule a time in the near future, but now you also know when to go and tell Matt, I sent you his way.

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