Saturday, May 24, 2008

Top 40 Radio with WLS on Memorial Day

Got this in my email this week.

If you grew up listening to out of town radio along with the local stuff then perhaps you'll be interested in this too:

Lujack, Landecker, Chuck Knapp, Fred Winston, Bill Bailey…they’re all back for Chicago's “Big 89 Rewind.”

Big 89 RewindWLS – from its top 40 heyday – still has a mystical hold on folks who grew up glued to their transistor radios to hear what animal stories “Superjock” Lujack and Tommy Edwards would come up with, or how John Records Landecker would handle the nighttime “Boogie Check.” Last year’s holiday weekend “Rewind” was a hoot (based on the Art Vuolo video that I saw), and now this year Citadel’s hosting another 19-hour Memorial Day flashback. Even the names of the newscasters are burned into your brain, if you recall big voices like Lyle Dean and Gil Gross and sportsguy Les Grobstein. The Big 89 really was bigger than life. Vuolo’s back with his camera this year, and he says Chuck Knapp’s coming in from Minneapolis to do mornings, Lujack and Tommy Edwards will do 9am-noon together, and several other folks who contributed to last year’s Rewind by ISDN will be present in the studio this year – including Jeff Davis and (in from San Francisco) Gil Gross. It happens on Monday, the official holiday.

Of course we can even listen on line (Google it)!

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