Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For all you stay at home workers....

And I'm not talking to those of you that are full time parents.

This is for those of you that have a home office and that is the center of your universe.

Yesterday, I met with a concert and event promoter that could use this advice.

I also work with a couple small ad agencies that are home based.

And I have a brother in law that runs an international company via the internet from his home office.

Most of the folks mentioned above are well adjusted and don't need these words of wisdom... but just in case you know someone that does need it, pass this on like I'm doing from the LifeDev Blog:

7 Ways the Home Worker Can Find a Meaningful Relationship

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Editors note: Post written by Heather Johnson.

Working from home presents as many challenges as it does opportunities. When it comes to developing a meaningful relationship, the home worker may feel that they’re behind the proverbial eight ball. You’re not out in the world as much as the guy that works in an office in the city. You do lose out on some chances to meet new people, whether it be someone from your office or at the after-work bar everyone goes to. But there are definite ways you can forge a solid relationship and here’s how:

  1. Value yourself. Many people who work from home may feel differently about their jobs than people that commute day in and day out. Don’t let yourself feel any less than the “regular” worker. If you develop these feelings you’ll bring them into every other facet of your life. Take pride in what you do and you’ll emit this positive attitude into your relationship pursuits.

  2. Make the proper time. When working from home, chances are you have a much different schedule than your mate. Try to regulate your work schedule to make things as normal as possible when trying to get together with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

  3. Communication is crucial. If you’re working from home then you probably have more leeway with talking while on the job. Your partner may not be able to chat as much as you can. Respect their jobs and don’t expect to have dialogue all day long just because you can.

  4. Stop working after hours. The temptation to check your email and keep working at odd hours is huge for home workers. Just because your office may be next to your living room doesn’t mean you should avoid spending time with the ones you love because you feel the urge to always be working.

  5. Follow the same work habits. If your wife is planning to take a day off because she’s burnt out then you should do the same. Even if the two of you are just staying home then stay away from your work too.

  6. Leave the job in the “office. Everyone talks about their job when they leave for the day, but most will know when enough is enough. It’s harder for the home worker because they’re always at the office. Try to develop a habit where you can avoid always talking about your work. This will make a positive impact on your relationship.

  7. Act like you’re going out in the real world. It can be tempting to roll out of bed and start working without ever getting out of your pajamas. Don’t do this. This can cause animosity and jealousy from your mate. It also makes you look like a slob.

This post was contributed by Heather Johnson, who is an industry critic on the subject of date sites.

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