Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tired of School?

This is for those of you that feel like you want to chuck it all and get a "joe" job.

(Sorry to all my friends named Joe.)

Remember there is an alternative to the struggles you are going through with school and work and life.

But you have to learn how to say, "Di ja wan' fries wid dat?"

Stick it out, or figure it out.


  1. The summer after I graduated from high school I worked at a factory that manufactured box springs. At the end of my employment I took a little souvenir (a discarded coil) with me as a reminder of the work that awaited me if I didn't obtain my degree.

  2. I worked at two restaurants while in high school as a bus boy and that was enough incentive to find something else.

    I also recall telling my kids when they were looking for a job, to take anything that paid and you'll learn that you might like it, or hate it. If it's work that you hate, then you've got that as incentive to pursue your dreams.

    Finally, it's not that a college degree is required, but unless you have another career path in front of you, you should get some type of degree if possible. It simply prevents doors from being slammed shut in your face.