Sunday, May 25, 2008

28 Hours

Sometime Saturday around 5pm, Kathy and I were sitting in the backyard, contemplating what to do.

There were tentative plans to get together that evening with friends, but they had something come up.

Kathy and I had the rare 3 days off at the same time thing going on, and feeling slightly restless, we contemplated where to go and what to do.

Checking online at Restaurants and Bed & Breakfasts within easy driving distance and a couple phone calls latter, plan were made and by 6:30pm, we were out of town heading towards Huntington, on our way to Wabash for dinner.

The Market Street Grill, in Downtown Wabash is a favorite place for us to go and enjoy a steak and salad, or soup.

Afterwards, we traveled west for about 20 minutes to a Bed & Breakfast that we had never been to before in Peru. The Shirk Mansion was what it is called and we were the only guests for the night in this huge home. (The owner lived in the home next door on the same property).

Church. We were planning on going on Sunday to our church in town, but ended up at a small Lutheran church in Peru at 11 this morning. The church was friendly (in a Lutheran sort of manner), and had been around for 150 years. The attendance was down due to the Memorial Day Weekend we were told. I would guess there were about 25 folks there including ourselves.

Lunch at a car-hop hot dog stand called Mr. Weenies and then a trip to find Mississinewa Lake which is south of Wabash and Peru.

Finally we decided to head back home, where I watched the last 1/3 of the Indy 500, we had leftovers, watched a movie and then went back outside in the backyard where we started our adventure 28 hours earlier.

I called my son back, he had called last night when I was driving and I needed to concentrate on finding my way around in the dark.

He has 2 more weeks of school in Maine and then he returns to Indiana and Ohio for the summer before going back to school in September.

But it looks like he will be studying abroad for the first part of next year in Iceland!

One more check on email and then it's time to wind down for the night.

It's amazing what you can back into 28 hours.

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