Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Morning Jump Start

As I've mentioned before, Kathy & I attend church on Saturday evenings, and so Sunday, she goes off to work, and I head over to the Firefly (where my picture is still on their web page) and the Sunday morning crowd gathers for a cornucopia of conversation.

Actually it's more like a leftover stew, where you toss things in the crock pot that you pull out of the frig and just let it cook and simmer all day. Conversation will wander into the past and peek into the future and the topics could cover almost anything.

The last two Sunday's I never made it here until 11am and it was to grab a quick cup of joe to go.
Today, I arrived at 8:15 to drink in the experience.

I'll be following up on emails, blogging here and my other blogs and doing prep work for the week ahead and who knows what else.

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