Friday, February 29, 2008

Why are you here?

Okay, I'd really like your comments on this one.

I write nearly everyday on two blogs. This one is a personal blog, with whatever happens to strike me each day.

And I have noticed that there is something I wrote last year that brings people to this blog. It is a picture of an ugly baby. It is titled Ugly People.

So when someone does a Google Image Search for Ugly people, they see this:

Now, if looking for ugly people on the internet is how you like to spend your time, I'll try not to judge. It's better than looking for porn, I guess.

But there are some other regulars that check in here. And I'm curious as to who you are, do you know me? Do I know you? Is there anything that you've seen here that you want more of, (besides ugly people)?

You can send me an email at scloho at scloho dot net, and mention this blog, or add a comment below.


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