Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Coffee Thoughts

Higher Grounds is running a commercial nearly every hour from 6am Monday until 8pm tonight on ROCK 104, WILD 96, and WGL The River. Plus a couple other stations in town, to highlight the fact that they are NOT closing to retrain their staff at 5:30 tonight.

Right now I am on my third caffeinated drink of the day.

Here's a few random quotes to keep you awake:

I put instant coffee in a microwave and almost went back in time.
- Steven Wright

Do you know how helpless you feel if you have a full cup of coffee in your hand and you start to sneeze?
- Jean Kerr

A morning without coffee is like sleep.
- Unknown

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.
- Abraham Lincoln

I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine!
- Unknown

Decaffeinated coffee is kind of like kissing your sister.
- Bob Irwin

Don’t drink coffee in the morning. It will keep you awake until noon.
- Unknown

Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat.
- Alex Levine

If it ain’t caffeinated, it ain’t coffee!
- Unknown

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.
- T. S. Elliot

As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold.
- Unknown

I like my coffee strong, not lethal!
- M*A*S*H

Do I like my coffee black? There are other colors?
- Unknown

I think if I were a woman I’d wear coffee as a perfume.
- John Van Druten

I bought a decaffeinated coffee table, you can’t even see a difference.
- Unknown

Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks?
- Stephen Wright

Coffee comes in five descending stages: Coffee, Java, Jamoke, Joe, and Carbon Remover.
- Robert A. Heinlein

Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.
- Stephanie Piro

I make serious coffee - so strong it wakes up the neighbors.
- Unknown

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