Thursday, April 28, 2011

Take The Time

Everyone of us have about 16 hours a day to accomplish something.

Maybe more if you sleep less than 8 hours every night, but let's just work with the 16 daily hours x 7 days a week and you've got 112 hours to fill each week.

Take away 50 hours of work time.

And a few hours each day getting up and a few hours eating each day, and there will still be 20 to 40 hours left.

Take the Time for You.

And I don't mean to be selfish about it. Sure, take the time to enjoy some quiet solitude, but part of taking time for you is to share with others.

That could be your kids, your spouse, your other family members or friends.

Now that all of my kids are on their own, my time is spent volunteering and making new relationships.

Monday evening I was one of the judges for the Fort Wayne Advertising Federation Scholarship Awards for 2011.

Tuesday morning I took part in a Fort Wayne Social Media Breakfast.

Tuesday evening I was part of a meeting with the Fort Wayne Three Rivers Festival that is launching a new event during this summers event.

Wednesday evening I took a trip to nearby Columbia City. I was one of the volunteers selected to serve on the Citizens Advisory Panel for the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership.

I had to miss a meeting with the Anthony Wayne Area Council of B.S.A. marketing team due to other commitments.

And right now I'm in Indianapolis to see my niece perform in a school musical.

This is what I mean by Take The Time.

Life has too many opportunities to ever be bored.

Go live it!

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