Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tech Tuesday Tip

Update your stuff.

Your computer is a combination of stuff.

To keep it simply, I'll call it hardware and software.

Hardware is the physical stuff that you can touch, like the keyboard, mouse and also the stuff you are likely going to touch inside the computer like the hard drive, and all that electronic stuff.

Software is the programs that you use. They need regular updates.

Today, I have links to the very basics of using the internet, Browsers.

If you use Internet Explorer, you should be using version 8 or 9. Stop using version 6, version 7 is still okay, but you might as well have the latest and greatest since it is free. Click here.

Now if you really want the latest and greatest, you might want to do what I did a few years ago and stop using Internet Explorer and use a different browser.

Firefox is upgrading to version 4. They have what they call a release candidate version that you can try. It is also free. Click here.

A 3rd, free option is Google Chrome. Click here.

My default browser is Firefox. I sometimes use Chrome and only occasionally use Internet Explorer. If you are maintaining a website, check the compatability in all the popular browsers, to make sure your site loads correctly.

A couple of other free options include:

Apple Safari, click here.

and Opera, click here.

Which is your favorite?

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