Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Need an Excuse?

Oh come on now.

For every "reason" for failure, there is someone who had the same "reason" to succeed. calls these "reasons" what they really are:

heart shot through

There are endless reasons and ways.

You’ve got three kids. You’ve got three teeth. The rent is four months past due.

You’re a big hit at the office. She left last week. The engine won’t turn over. You just aren’t feeling it.

The wine went bad. Success arrived too fast. Success never arrived. You’ll lose their respect. You’re in the cancer game now.

That bus turned left, one block north.

You’ll do it tomorrow. The doubt, just behind your left ear. Thirty-three parking tickets.

Out of milk. The electric bill. What would Mommy and Daddy say?

Never went to college. Went to too much college.

The step onto a rotting board. Oversexed. Undersexed.

Et Cetera.

Et Cetera.

Et Cetera.

Everything will conspire to stop you. There are endless reasons and ways.

They are all common to everyone.

In the end you’ve got to pick up the pen and do the thing. And then you’ve got to do it again.

No matter the payoff. No matter the beating.

You are no different, better or worse, than any before you.

Their ink and blood ran in the gutter.

So will yours, if you want to finish this race.

So what?

About the Author: Robert Bruce is Copyblogger Media’s resident raconteur and copywriter.

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