Monday, June 07, 2010

What's a Senior?

6 months ago, I turned 50.

All of a sudden I have all kinds of offers coming my direction because I'm a "Senior".

No, I'm not.

AARP wants me to join.

Numerous retirement homes want me to move in.

My wife who is a couple years older than me takes advantage of the "Senior Coffee" at McDonalds, which is 1/2 price. She's smart. And cute too.

What kicked off this little rant is yesterday, I got a newsletter in my email directed to the Seniors 50+.

Hey, I'm not a Senior Citizen!

A friend of mine who is also 50 has an 11 year old daughter. He's getting the same crap in his mail too.

Being in the advertising and marketing business, I understand that we used to think that seniors were old, wrinkly and retired. I recall my own parents being in their 50's when I was in my 20's but I never thought of them as being old and a senior citizen.

Now I'll admit that one of my business cards says Senior Account Executive, but that's because I've been there, successfully, longer than anyone else. (Currently in my 8th year under the same roof).

But if you see my wife and I at the movies, we order the kids meal. It comes with Popcorn, Drink and a packet of gummy bears.

And you can shove your Senior status in your Depends!

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