Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pat White Returns

I work for Summit City Radio.

I've been here since April 2003, which makes me the one of the most senior staff in this building on Lower Huntington Road.

There are 4 people who work on the air at ROCK 104 that have been here longer than me: Doc West, Leslie Stone, JJ Fabini and Jason Lee.

Having started in radio in high school, I've been on the air, in advertising sales, in management for more than 20 of the past 30 years.

At Summit City Radio, our stations include WGL-AM 1250, The River; WGL-FM, V-102.9; WXKE-FM 103.9, ROCK 104; and WNHT-FM, WILD 96.3.

But this is not about me. It's about what is about to occur Monday.

First of all, it is true, Pat White is returning to the local radio airwaves.

He will be hosting mornings from 6am to 9am on WGL 1250 AM.

That's just up the dial from where he has been for the past dozen plus years on WOWO in the afternoon.

Pat has had a great run on the radio and when he was released from WOWO, we knew that there was still an audience for him.

As Pat says, we don't care if you agree or disagree with him, just listen and call in.

His new phone number will be 969-1250.

Give us a few days to work out some of the bugs and get things rolling smoothly.

And here's some behind the scene info for you too:

Aishah Hasnie used to do news for WOWO with Pat White until she took a job with WANE-TV.

She was given able to get a preview interview at Pat's home last week and they ended up with the scoop on television.

Here's the story from WANE-TV:

The first mention actually came from Kevin Leininger of the News-Sentinel. I first saw it online Tuesday morning.

Here's his latest story:

Pat White excited about return to airwaves
His new show starts Monday on WGL.
of The News-Sentinel

Pat White says he takes no satisfaction in the fact that, starting Monday, he'll be going head-to-head with the popular morning show of the radio station that fired him in April after 14 years.

But that doesn't mean he's not looking forward to the competition – and a return to his talk-show roots. “In this business, if you haven't been fired yet, you will be,” said White, who was one of the rotating hosts of WGL-AM's “Windows” program before joining WOWO, 1190-AM.

That station replaced him with Pat Miller as host in the slot from 3 to 6 p.m., saying the change would make the show more compatible with other more-political WOWO fixtures, including Rush Limbaugh.

“There's no revenge here. Just the luck of the Lord,” White added. White said his new 6-9 a.m. show on WGL, 1250-AM, will be similar to his sometimes “bombastic” WOWO broadcast – which focused on local news and opinions – but will have to meet the unique needs of morning listeners, such as reporting weather-related school closings.

That has long been WOWO's niche, but White said he's confident his show will do well against the show hosted by WOWO's Charly Butcher, which features regular segments of news, weather and sports, interspersed with short interviews but few listener calls.

With its performance-based incentives, White said his contract would be worth about what he was making at WOWO. He said WGL contacted him just two weeks after he'd left WOWO. He also considered hosting a show for a Bluffton-based FM station.

White said many of his old WOWO advertisers have agreed to sponsor his new show, and he expects to help WGL close the competitive gap with the station that has for years been the undisputed leader in local talk radio.

Even if that means getting up much earlier than he's used to. “I get up early anyway. I'm a light sleeper,” he said.

And Dan Turkette was the first blogger to let people know via

At Summit City Radio, we are a non-political organization. I work with people who have all kinds of viewpoints and lean left, lean right, or don't care either way.

We are in business to serve our listeners with entertainment and information.

We are also in business to make money for our employees.

And we are in business to make money for our advertisers.

We do that by selling advertising on our four radio stations, their websites, and the events we are a part of.

Our hope and desire is that our listeners will spend their money with our advertisers when they need or want the goods and services offered by them.

It keeps the music playing, the conversations talking, and the lights on.

Everyone in this building is dedicated to seeing Fort Wayne grow and thrive, so we work our tails off to support our town.

And while I'm at it, if you want info on advertising, contact me: Scott @

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