Friday, December 11, 2009

The List

Yesterday at this time I posted a thank you note that I sent to my friends and family who attended my surprise 50th Birthday Party last week.

One reason it was a surprise was it was 6 days premature! So as of now I am officially 50.

A few days ago while taking a break from work, I decided to do a 20 unasked questions list. Here we go:

1. Right handed, most of the time except throwing a frisbee and miniature golf.

2. Middle name, Louis is in honor of my Mom's Dad. He passed away around 1936, when my Mom was just 3 years old.

3. Yellow is my favorite color. Growing up I bought yellow bikes and would have bought a yellow car if I could find one that fit my needs when I was car shopping.

4. I am an Eagle Scout. Earned that award on the eve of my 18th birthday.

5. I dislike most advertising. That's why I'm in the advertising/marketing business. To make a difference.

6. My favorite form of caffeine is Diet Mountain Dew. In a Can. Or On the Rocks. Drinking it out of plastic bottles tastes funny. This is my usual morning beverage 6 days a week. If there were Pop Shops like Coffee Shops, with free wi-fi, I'd give up coffee.

7. A white Mocha is my favorite coffee drink at a coffee shop. And the Firefly in Fort Wayne is my "North Office".

8. I've had a beard more than 50% of my life. And a mustache at least 2/3rd's.

9. Every once in a while I miss not being on the air as a radio personality. But I prefer the life I live now over the 6 day a week work schedules the D.J's have now. I spent 10 years on the air from age 16 to 26, followed by a few more sporadic years. And tomorrow morning I'm hosting a talk show as a fill-in for one of my weekend hosts. That's enough.

10. I don't blow my nose. (Not really that unusual as I rarely am ill.)

11. I used to be an inch taller.

12. I used to be shy.

13. Steve Martin, and Robin Williams are two of my favorite comics.

14. There used to be a hidden door in the basement of the house I grew up in.

15. I once had a stuffed toy Easter Bunny that my dad won in a "Guess the Number of Jelly Bean" contest. He was over 5 feet tall.

16. I know how to run a thermoformer and drive a forklift.

17. When both of your parents have passed away, and you have no siblings, at first you feel like an orphan, no matter how old you are.

18. I am a Christian, even though I don't fully understand all the details, and I take issue with some of the things my own church believes. But I'm okay with that, because I know my own faith story.

19. I played basketball at the Coliseum. (Can you spot me in the picture?)

20. I am proud of and love every member of my family, even when we disagree. I expect to be married forever.

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