Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Living The Unexpected Life

How much of your life goes as planned? And how much is a surprise?

I regularly post what I call "advice" from others here on this blog.

And much of that advice involves getting organized, improving your life, etc.

But there always is a few unexpected events in our lives no matter how organized we get.

Sunday night, my wife Kathy is upstairs, I'm downstairs and the phone rings. I usually ignore the home phone, since my cell phone is my the number I give out.

This time it was my daughter Rachael calling from the emergency room and so within 30 minutes, we were sitting with her and her boyfriend waiting for a surgeon to come and remove her appendix.

Calls were made to her sister on the west coast and her brother on the east coast and her Mom about an hour away.

Turns out her sister Tiffany has in pain due to a sprained ankle and Josh was suffering from a cold. Surgery went well for Rachael and she has been back home for 24 hours now and gets Wednesday off to from work.

There are certain things you simply can't plan for and you squeeze them in among the plans you make.

By the way, the above picture was sort of planned, from about 8 years ago with myself and my three offspring.

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