Friday, January 23, 2009

Want to Buy a Radio Station?

According to their website, NIPR wants to sell their classical music stations due to the cost of operations/economy/etc.

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As a local broadcaster, here's what I can tell you about the options you might have if you want to buy one of their stations.

WCKZ 94.1fm can be operated as a commercial radio station. The others must be non-commercial due to the F.C.C. regulations regarding their frequency.

WCKZ used to be Z-94.1 and was the temporary home of the ROCK 104 Jocks until Summit City Radio sold the station a couple years ago and brought back ROCK 104 on WXKE 103.9fm.

When we (Summit City Radio) owned the station, the tower was located near the GM Truck plant on I-69 and the station is licened to Roanoke. I believe that's where it is still located.

Contact me if you want more info. ( And contact NIPR if you can help them.

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