Sunday, September 28, 2008

Football, Sunburn, Reunions and Relaxing

Just a few random thoughts....


Most of us crave a balance between 2 or more areas in our lives.

Giving vs. Receiving.
Work vs. Relaxing.
Excitement vs. Boredom.
Tried and True vs. New Experiences.

So over the weekend I sat through my first local college football game. Fun, but a combination of sunburn, relaxing, boredom and excitement. I guess I'm more of a basketball fan when it comes to attending live sporting events.

It was relaxing as I attended with a good friend that is back in town and yet I plan on giving away the rest of my tickets and wait for basketball season.

See, you have to stretch yourself and explore new stuff no matter how old or young you are.

When you are young, everything is new. As you get older, you have to look for new experiences to try. It keeps you young and alive. You get to decide which ones to try and which ones to decline.

Reunions can also be an interesting experience. Last night I attended my 30th High School reunion. Met up with a couple of old friends that came to town that I've stayed in touch with and saw many that I had not stayed in touch with. In two weeks I get to meet some of my wife's relatives at a reunion that parts of her family are having.

Reunions of this type are whatever you make them. I decide to have fun, be true and be myself.

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