Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Perspective and a challange

Yesterday morning I drove a different route to work. Actually I vary my route often. But Tuesday I took the route as charted.

When I got downtown, I took a trip down Harrison, starting where at Jefferson where they are building the ball park.

I traveled south and saw poor neighborhoods, boarded up houses, and then some better neighborhoods.

Harrison Hill, followed by another neighborhood with no curbs, and more poverty. One street, so many stories.

The condition of the street itself, from clean and manicured to abandoned and overgrown.

This reminds me of Meridian in Indianapolis.

When I go to Indy, I usually take US 31 from Kokomo and follow Meridian to the center of town and then continue south of downtown Indy. The same contrasts that we have on Harrison they have on Meridian.

What will it take to revitalize downtown? What will it take to revitalize the whole city?

How about a cooperative effort between the city and county to stop the suburban sprawl and instead of escaping from the city, rebuild the neighborhoods? Can it be done?

Take a drive this week or weekend and see what we have, see what we have forgotten, and see what we could do.

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