Monday, May 05, 2008

Comcast, Routers and a new Blogger Feature

Friday night, my wife and I are both having problems with our home internet service. She's on the desktop, which is wired from the router to the computer, I'm using my trusty laptop which connects wirelessly to the secure connection I set up months ago.

Except the signal keeps dropping. And the desktop which is hardwired to the router is having connection problems too. To the Internet, not the home network.

After awhile I call Comcast, (from my cellphone since the home phone line is now VOIP, which doesn't work when the internet is down). First person I talk to is worthless. I have tried everything she suggests before I called and she says they'll check into it and call me back, but she hangs up before I can give her an alternative phone number.

I try everything again and get on line for 30 minutes so I called Comcast back to let them know everything has been working for the last 1/2 hour and this person at least knows what she is talking about.

Before going to bed, I search the net for Comcast connection problems and find lots of complaints, including a discussion on a forum about spotty service near Chicago this week.

I figure that's not too far from here, perhaps it's related, and we'll keep an eye on it over the rest of the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday I connect to the internet at coffee shops and my office and all is fine until Sunday night when I try at home again. I call Comcast again and this guy that answers is about 50% competent. I finally decided to reset EVERYTHING, and as I type this right now, my connection is better than it's been in awhile.

Now about the new Blogger Feature. This post that you are reading will magically appear at 3:33am when I am fast asleep. now has a feature where you can write now and post later. It's actually about 9:30pm, 6 hours before this will appear.

On my other Blog, Collective Wisdom, I'm doing a series of sales tips from Harvey Mackay, and earlier today, I wrote nearly 20 of them for the rest of the series.

The scary thing is someone could write something, select a date in the future for the post to appear, and be dead when it shows up. Sweet dreams..........

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  1. By the way, I ended up replacing the router. Looks like all is gonna be ok.