Monday, May 05, 2008

Work and Fun

My paying gig involves advertising, marketing and the creative process. I have another blog set up that is updated with a least 3 posts a day. It's the Collective Wisdom Blog that you see on the right side of this page.

So what's the difference between Advertising and Marketing? Take a look at this and smile:

A lighthearted look at the relationships among marketing roles

by Marty Neumeier, author of ZAG

Download the PDF

Here’s a fun set of slides from ZAG that you can use to kick off a meeting, illustrate a point, or spark a discussion. It simplifies (to the point of absurdity) the relationships among the disciplines of marketing, telemarketing, public relations, advertising, graphic design, and branding. What makes it more than a joke is the kernel of truth in each simplification.

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