Sunday, April 27, 2008

Appreciating Your Hometown

8 years ago, I met a lady that changed my perspective and we've been married now for 7 years. She changed my perspective in many ways, and one of those was she re-introduced me to my hometown.

I actually came to Fort Wayne when I was 6 years old from Wisconsin, and was born in New Jersey. Kathy adopted Fort Wayne as her home when she came here in the 1970's. Both of us have spent considerable time elsewhere. I've lived in Marion, Kokomo, Warsaw, Indiana and Metro Detroit. Kathy spent time in Texas. But this is where we have decided to live and stay.

When Kathy and I were dating, she reintroduced me to my hometown. She introduced me to the River Greenway, Coffee Shops and Triangle Park. Marrying Kathy was also a decision to stay in Fort Wayne, as her youngest, Abby was in 6th grade and we were not going to uproot her.

During the past several years, we have traveled and discovered more and more within driving distance, along with stuff in our own neighborhood. At the Firefly this morning we were discussing all the events that were going on yesterday that it was impossible to attend. Today, there is a film festival, and a motorcross event that I'm invited to, yet the yard is begging for attention.

I have also gotten involved in the community, helping the Fort Wayne Central Lions Club, of which I was a Vice-President and Board Member. There are other organizations that I serve and I have an occupation that forces me to get out and meet people.

If you want to find something to do and see, I recommend visiting some of the local blogs listed on the right side of this page.

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