Sunday, February 17, 2008

Living the Fort Wayne lifestyle

Just a recap and look forward to what you can do here in Fort Wayne.

Friday night my wife and I visited Triangle Park, one of our restaurant hang outs where they make you feel very welcome. We also ran into Dr Vic Fitch and his wife who were dining with friends. I first met Vic through the Fort Wayne Central Lions Club, where we are both members.

They just returned from a trip to Honduras with other Lions, where they had spent several days helping the poor with medical care and dispensing eye glasses and doing vision screenings. This is an example of some of the caring people we have in our community that give their time.

Saturday, Kathy and I traveled to Waynedale to visit Hill's Market on Lower Huntington Road to pick up some steaks that I'll be cooking tonight. We both work in Waynedale, and she noticed the sale price Friday and we decided to pick some up for the weekend. A stop in the Waynedale Bakery and Dragons Keep Cafe Coffee Shop completed our trip to that corner of Fort Wayne. We also grabbed breakfast at the Hall's on Bluffton Road, where again, they did a fine job. If you haven't been to a Hall's, you need to.

Our church has a Saturday contemporary service that we usually go to around 5pm. It was packed, and yesterday we had a husband/wife duo as special musical artists.

At 6:30 we caught up with friends and saw the movie, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly at the Cinema Center, followed by a late dinner at Henry's.

On Friday and Saturday night at Henry's, there's a guy that sells ala carte seafood appetizers such as jumbo shrimp, and scallops for a buck apiece. I usually get a few of each. Bob mentioned that Henry's has more than "bar food" which is so true. Henry's is one of those spots in town that I was unaware of until I married Kathy. Steaks, sea food, pasta, and ask if they have any of "Grandma's Chocolate Cake".

Today, Kathy's off to work, and I'm off to visit The Firefly Coffee Shop where I often hang on Sunday mornings for coffee, a bagel and great conversation with a unique collection of people who have become friends. (Kathy and I were at the Firefly Friday night too, splitting a piece of 6 layer chocolate cake).

One final note about living in Fort Wayne. Next month is Kathy's birthday and our Anniversary. We will take some time for a get away and we are close to so many places including Ohio, Chicago, Indianapolis and some lesser known locations within a few hours drive. Just another Plus about living in my home town.

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