Monday, July 04, 2011

The 4th

For most folks in the United States, this has been a three day weekend.

Today is the Fourth of July.

But I wonder how many people know why they have this day off?

As a child of the 60's and teen in the 70's my parents were very patriotic.

When our country celebrated our bicentennial in 1976, I was a teenager with a drivers license and my own car.

But I was also a Boy Scout.

And one of the things our Scout Troop learned to do was march.

Almost military style, at least we knew enough to do some pretty cool moves in the 4th of July parade and we all marched in unison, (Left, Right, Left, Right, etc.).

Put aside the political disagreements and come together today and be thankful that we even have a country that has been around for 235 years.

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