Friday, July 08, 2011

Do We Really Need Google Plus?

I live in 2 different worlds.

Actually more than 2 it seems as we have different parts of our lives that sometimes don't overlap very much.

The Tech/Geek/Net-connected world is one.

The not connected world is the other.

I'm mostly in the connected world due to all of my online activity.

My wife is not. She is starting to check her Facebook page daily and her email daily. And she will text, but nothing like her daughter.

So I wonder about the continued growth of social networks and social channels and social platforms and social apps and social thing-a ma-gigs.

Facebook is now Mainstream.

Twitter is Mainstream Geeky.

LinkedIn is becoming Mainstream Professional.

Google Plus?

When they launched it last week, I was mostly away from my laptop all day and missed out on the limited edition roll out.

When they reopened it last night, I happened to be online and got started.

But why?

Will it go "Facebook Mainstream"? Will it make it to Mainstream Geeky like Twitter?

The real question is will the mainstreamers who embraced Facebook add Google Plus to their collection of Social Media Communication Tools or will we need a movie, aka The Social Network to push it over the edge.

The truth is it is way too early to tell.

It's like predicting who will win the 2020 election.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. As a side note....

    The past 20 hours I have had lots of my other social media connections connect to me on G+, so I'll take some time this weekend and get caught up on it....