Thursday, June 09, 2011

Getting Hired (Part 4)

Most resumes are not used to find the right person for a job.

Most resumes are used to eliminate the wrong people from a job.

When I was looking to hire people, that's what the resume process was all about.

So if you think you can use a generic resume for a specific job, you are probably wrong.

If there is a specific job you are applying for, write your resume for that job.

Focus on relevance.

Connect your skills, abilities and experiences to the skills, abilities and experiences that they are looking for.

And if you are just applying for a job where no resume is needed, you still need to come prepared with all the information that you will need to fill in their application.

Come prepared with the info, a pen and dress up a bit.


  1. Agreed! First use: screen out. Second use: justify pick after interview.

    Both great reasons to tailor the resume to the company / job. I save each resume with file name: [LastName][Company][Date].pdf

  2. Thanks Don for the tip.

    Getting a job can be hard work. If a person isn't going to do the extra steps to set themselves apart from the other applicants, then I question their work ethic.

    It is so easy to do some research on the place you want to work these days.