Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Getting Hired (Part 2)

Continuing 5 days on the subject of getting hired.

Let's start with that first job and a story about one of my kids who told me that she couldn't find a job.

She was in high school and we took a drive with a piece of notebook paper and a pen.

I told her to number each line on the paper and then we were going to drive around as she wrote down names of businesses that she would later contact to see if they were hiring.

She felt a sense of accomplishment when she filled up that sheet of paper, then she scowled at me when I told her to turn it over and we were going to do the same on the other side.

When we got home she had over 50 businesses to contact by phone that week so she could see which ones were hiring and she could go apply.

The next afternoon she called me excited because she had some leads of places that were hiring high school students and she was going to apply.

Before the week was over, she had 2 or 3 job offers to choose from.

These were not perfect jobs, they were money jobs, jobs you work to earn money, not necessarily to change the world.

If you are unemployed, are you doing the real work to get a job to earn money?


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Scott, my dear friend, I don't think you have clue about how hard it is to obtain a job in Fort Wayne. The unemployment rate is approximately 20% or higher, as so many individuals are employed part-time (way underemployed) or their benefits have ran out. I have been looking for months for a job. I have applied to the following companies in Fort Wayne: Lutheran Hospital, Parkview Hospital, Rescue Ministries, Aboite Trails, Dance Collective, SweetCars (they only hire men!), Fort Wayne Early Childcare Alliance, YMCA, YWCA, Perfection Bakery, Susan's, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Frontier Communications, Baker Street, Advantage Real Estate, Lincoln Financial Group, Pretzels, Inc., Imagine Master Academy, Lifeline Youth and Family Services, DWD, Allen County Government, IPFW, IvyTech, Bishop Luers, Catholic School Office of Fort Wayne, Equal Opportunity Center of Fort Wayne, Elhdering Motor Sports, Indiana Tech, Sycamore Village Retirement Community, Park Center (The interview was a waste of time, the interviewer didn't know appropriate questions to ask; I ran the interview.), Fort Wayne Dental Group, Old Navy, Jefferson Pointe Shopping Center, CJ Banks, The Gap, Ascend Tutoring Systems, Higher Grounds, MIE Group, ACRTL, Specialized Printing Products, Tippman Refridgeration, CirrusABS, Lutheran Life Villages, Brotherhood Mutual, PeopleLink Staffing, OfficeTeam USA, Wal-Mart and Acres Land Trust. I have been in contact with 3 times that number in Fort Wayne alone, begging for people to hire me! And, I have another thousand resumes I have sent outside of Fort Wayne in last few months! What I get, is that I have a SOLID work ethic, and am incredibly hardworking, which means no Facebook or Twitter while I am work! Not playing around and being cute and fun during the daytime, has gotten me a slap in the face, and a huge X on my back! Fort Wayne has a STRONG desire for people who play around and not work on the clock, and if you are not that type of person, you are screwed in this town.

  2. Wednesday afternoon I'll have part 3 which may be the reason, but I think it sounds like you need an honest assessment from a job counselor.

    Something is holding you back.