Sunday, May 08, 2011

Amazing Women

I'm a guy.

I'm a son.

I'm a Dad.

I'm a Step-dad.

I'm a husband.

And yet I am amazed at a lot of the women I've had in my 51 years of life.

I only had one grandparent in my life, my mom's mom. The others passed away before I was born.

She was married 3 times. She had her two children with her second husband and her third husband also passed away prematurely. Health care in the 1930's wasn't up to the standards we have today. So she worked as a single mother of 2 and did an excellent job as a mom.

There is my own mother whom I written about in the past. And I've had two mother-in-laws since I have been married twice.

Both of them along with my own Mom I easily call amazing women.

Despite some of the differences that my first wife and I had, we continue to have a good relationship and one of the reasons is dedication to our three children that surpassed our own relationship.

It's been 11 years since I met my wife Kathy and her daughter Abby, two more amazing women that have enriched my life.

I have two daughters, Rachael who is getting married in 20 days and Tiffany who married nearly 5 years ago and looks like she is ready to burst as she will be a Mom in less than 20 days!

Last year we welcomed Madeline to our family as she married my son Josh. (We actually welcomed her a long time ago, but they made it official 10-10-10).

I cherish the many roles I have had as a guy in the lives of all these women and in honor of Mothers Day, at this moment I am putting the final touches of a special Mothers Day dinner I created as my Kathy,(pictured above) spent the day working today.

Please be sure to let the amazing women in your life known that you cherish them today too.

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  1. By the way, it turns out the dinner my wife really wanted was pizza from Toscani's in Fort Wayne.

    So, we had it along with a visit from her son who joined us for dinner.