Friday, April 22, 2011

The Big Picture



The two most attended church weekends.

There are plenty of scholars who dispute many of the "items" of the Christian faith and I saw a lawyer on Morning Joe this morning talking smack about Jesus.

Let them talk.

I don't care if Jesus was born in August or December.

I don't give up anything for Lent.

But I do have a faith in Jesus as my savior, and I live my life accordingly as a sinner, constantly forgiven, repentant, and amazed.

When I was 22, the woman who became my first wife challenged my thinking and I surrendered my life to Christ.

Three children and 13 years later, we divorced.

11 years ago I met my wife Kathy and now we have been married 121 months. (10 years plus a month if you're not good with math.)

All along, from the age of 22 I never lost my faith. But in my growing up years I attended Lutheran Churches in Fort Wayne, Indiana and never took hold of the faith and made it mine, personally.

What Kathy did, was reintroduce me to the Lutheran Church which took some dealing with due to my own past as a youth in that particular church environment.

But we found a local church that has a good school and a contemporary Saturday night service most weeks and is filled with people and pastors who are sincere about their faith and we have been there ever since.

This Easter weekend, no matter what you believe, be respectful of all, and if you want to know more about my beliefs, just ask. I promise not to clobber you with a Bible.

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