Sunday, May 09, 2010


This is Mothers Day in the United States.

Everyone has or had a mother.

If she is alive, she needs to hear from you.

If she is alive, you need to hear her voice too.

There will come a day when that will no longer be possible.

Funny thing about life... it is fatal.

My Dad's mother died the year I was born so I never knew her.

My Mom's mother died when I was 26, she was the only living grandparent I ever had.

It was on this weekend a dozen years ago that I helped my Dad express his love to my Mom.

See, he was flat on his back, dying in a hospice on Mothers Day. It was a tradition of his to always give my Mom a rose on Mothers day, so I went out and bought one and helped him sign the card.

The next day we received word that he had passed away.

For the next three years my Mom lived as a widow. She missed my Dad with all her heart until her heart gave out on Thanksgiving eve 2001.

It's not too late.

Don't ignore this day, Mothers Day. It is ALWAYS the 2nd Sunday of May.

(And while were at it, don't ignore Fathers Day. It is ALWAYS the 3rd Sunday of June.)

Ignore the hurts, forgive the past, and cherish the relationships.

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