Friday, November 06, 2009

Time Out

For parents of young kids, when those young kids got a little too rambunctious, they would call a time out, where the kids had to sit quietly and calm down.

I think this time out was for both the parents and the kids!

As we get older and busier, we still need time outs but do you get them?

My wife and I were married in 2001 and for the past 6 years we have reserved Friday nights as our date nights.

There is one place nearby that we are likely to be found on Friday nights around 5:30 and it is our usual weekly time out.

The restaurant overlooks a pond that is filled with ducks, swans, fish and there are raccoons that are not afraid of the guests. During the summer months, we'll dine outside on the deck.

We have also got in the habit of "Saturday Church". The church we are members of have 4 services most weekends including 5pm Saturdays, two times on Sunday mornings and also a Monday evening worship service.

Saturday Church gives us a predetermined time for a time out on a day when we could get carried away by all the home projects that need to be done. Then Sundays are usually mine to spend as I wish as my wife works and I will often gather with friends and my laptop in the morning hours at a coffee shop followed by what ever I want to do.

At this point in our lives we don't have the daily responsibilities we had earlier when we had young kids. We are pretty much empty nesters and enjoying life. Yes, there are still plenty of stresses and we are still involved with our kids, but we take regular time outs and you should too.

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