Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pets, People and Snarling

This week my wife and I did something a little crazy. We tried to put a harness on one of our cats.

Because this cat is sort of snarly, we practiced on the other cat, who didn't like it but he puts up with a lot.

By the way, Napoleon is the name of the snarly cat. Puddy is the other cat. Puddy limps, so we call him Pimp Kitty sometimes. He also is very dog-like in that he wants to be around you all the time and will put up with nearly anything. He is also a "fraidy cat".

Napoleon is the opposite. Classic cat behavior. Thinks he is boss. Pretends like anything you want him to do is ridiculous. Even being fed. And he has a snarly attitude at times. Right now the snarly cat wants to be outside. Problem is he knows no boundaries. Last summer he would travel across a busy road and end up about 6 blocks away. This guy has no claws too.

So, we'd been talking about how to let snarly cat outdoors and yet keep him around. Thus a cat harness.

After getting it on the critter along with a leash, we took the snarly one outside. That part he liked. Coming inside he didn't.

So do you drag the cat? or pick him up while he tries to bite and maim you?

I picked him up since I am bigger than him and can control him, unlike my wife who is afraid of him.

What about you? Are you more doglike or catlike? Do you get snarly? What's the best way to handle you when you are? (Drag or pick up)?

I'll try the harness thing again this weekend when I'm doing yard work and report back.


  1. Just cracking up reading this, because we have two cats similar to yours, and last summer tried the cat harness. It got to the point that our snarly cat would scratch if she even saw the harness.

    Good luck! :)

  2. What a sweet kitty!!!:)

  3. Just to clarify, the picture of the wet cat is not mine. However, if things go as planned, I'll take some pictures of my snarly cat in the harness this weekend.

  4. Josh and I like to call Puddy "Stumpy" just FYI. :) ~Mad