Monday, October 13, 2008

The Internet Blues

Please excuse the following rant about internet domains and email services. Just had to write this all down...

Last Friday, I head out of town for 3 days with my wife for fun and family time at the Indiana Dunes.

I ignored the internet and email until Friday afternoon when I signed in and noticed that the number of emails I normally receive is down by about 80%.

The night before, I received an email from Yahoo, whom I had used to originally set up my domain as an add-on to my email, informing me that that where upgrading their service and nothing would change (except the price was going up).

I bought the domain in 2004 through Yahoo then in 2007 switched to Google to manage and run

My relaxing vacation turned very unrelaxing as I discovered that my email was stuck in
Yahooland and finally I did a forwarding patch so email would arrive in my inbox.

Sunday night, back at home, I checked around and looked for a solution to this mess and wrote to a few companies including Yahoo.
Finally Monday I got things back to a workable solution and reduced my costs by a few hundred bucks.

I pity the person that has to do all this on their own and is completely clueless, or has to pay big bucks for a professional to try and fix these things.

Okay, I feel better now. There are much more important things in life.

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