Monday, October 06, 2008

Health Issues

Several Inspirations for what you are about to read including my wife, Boston Legal, one of my clients and a few co-workers.

Along with being The Simplified Life Coach, my wife is also a home care nurse with lot's of specialty training. Now you have access to one of the reference tool she uses, the Physician's Desk Reference, the "Doctor's Bible" is available on line. (Hat tip to Kim Komando for featuring this as her Cool Site of the day today.) Here's the link:

Monday night on Boston Legal on ABC, Denny Crane almost killed himself by overdosing on a daily regiment of 42 pills that he was able to obtain online. Now, despite the availability of drugs and the millions spent on marketing these pills, you need someone to watch over and coordinate the meds you take including over the counter remedies. Make sure your doctor(s) are fully informed.

Finally, there is one bit of advice that my wife tells me repeatedly and that involves spreading of germs. Wash your hands. Don't grab doorhandles where everyone else grabs them. Do not spray your germs when you sneeze. I have had co-workers and clients pass illnesses around and at one time 1/3 of our office was out.

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