Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Unwanted HouseCleaning

Tuesday night before going to bed, I told my computer to do a type of system check, where it is supposed to check the hard drive for errors. The next day I pressed a wrong button and reformatted the hard drive.

Wednesday, Thursday and part of Friday I tried recovering files to no avail.

So Scott, where did you back stuff up? Uh, nowhere. 5 years of goodies that I'd transferred from one computer to another....gone.

So Friday morning I pulled out my previous laptop and discovered that sure enough, I wiped most of it clean, except for work emails.

And since January of this year I have been sending BCC's to a backup email account, "Just In Case".

So, it's the equivalent of a fire, computer-style. I will scour old emails and computers at work and rebuild work files.

And follow through with my back-up plan that I planned on doing.

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