Thursday, September 18, 2008

Top 5 Computer Questions & Answers

From Kim Komando's weekly email:

I really do read your e-mail. I just don't have time to answer each note. I especially like the messages that go something like this: “So Kim, if you REALLY do read all your e-mail, answer me back as proof.” I don't think so.

In an effort to help many who dropped me a question over the past week, here are links to learn more.

• QUESTION: What were the sites you mentioned that print T-shirts and even help you set up your own shop? I want to sell my own designs for my school, church, team, poker club, etc. ANSWER: Click here to learn how to be a T-shirt mogul.

• QUESTION: I cannot afford Microsoft Office. You mentioned a program that works a lot like Office but it's free. Where can I find it? ANSWER: Click here to find not just one, but nine free alternatives to popular pricey programs.

• QUESTION: I am about ready to get a new PC. I heard you mention that we need to secure a new PC before putting it on the Internet. OK, how do I do that? ANSWER: Simply click here and you'll be well-informed and safe from harm.

• QUESTION: I heard you tell a caller to erase the hard drive before donating it. How do I get a pencil eraser on the drive? ANSWER: That's not exactly the type of eraser I was talking about. Eraser is a free program that is used to get rid of data on drives so I cannot be recovered. Click here for a link to the program and steps on how to use it.

• QUESTION: I lost every single picture from my summer vacation. I am devastated. I heard you say you can get these back. How much do I send you the memory card? ANSWER: Don't send the card to me. Instead, click here to read this tip about free and pay photo recovery programs.

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