Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Haves vs the Have-nots

Nearly 8 years ago when I met my wife, I had a computer in my house with dial-up internet.

She did not.

Yet we met via an online dating service.

Now everyone in our family has a computer and yet I sometimes wonder if the difference between the Haves and the Have-nots will be the internet.

I know there are homeless people in Fort Wayne and other cities that have no place except the "shelter" to sleep, but they have cell phones.

Perhaps with cellphones and their ability to connect to the internet, it will bridge the gap. Another way is the library:
Libraries bridge the divide between those who have access to information and those who do not by providing free and equal access to information to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Two-Thirds of Americans Have a Library Card
September 22, 2008 - September is Library Card Sign-up Month, and two thirds (68%) of Americans currently own a library card. According to the results of a new nationwide Harris Poll of 2,710 U.S. adults surveyed online between August 11 and 17, 2008 by Harris Interactive.

Review the entire poll results.

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