Saturday, September 27, 2008

Links to Better Blogging

I discovered this Wednesday night, you get to discover it now from Marketing Minute:

New Blogger's Toolbox

Toolbox As I approach my first anniversary as a blogger, I can look back and marvel at the journey. I would have never gotten past my first dozen posts if it weren't for the seasoned bloggers who offered a tip, kind word or worthy example to emulate. So I decided I wanted to create a New Blogger's Toolbox, so others could enjoy that same support and inspiration.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this list. I have acknowledged everyone at the end of the list.

Here are the categories:

  • Are chock full of practical tips
  • Act as a living lab on how to write compelling blog posts
  • Demonstrate how to build a community
  • Teach marketing tools
  • Are welcome wagons - bloggers who spotlight newbies

Chock Full of Practical Tips

Creating Comments
Daily Blog Tips
Logic + Emotion
Business Blog Angel
Perfect Blogger
Internet Marketing Monitor

Living Lab on Writing Compelling Blog Posts

CK's blog
Priscilla Palmer
Noah Brier
I've been mugged!
Electric Venom
Styles of Blogging
Copywriting Maven
Modern B2B Marketing
Servant of Chaos

How to Build Community

Viral Garden
EMoms at Home
Dawud Miracle
Robyn McMaster
Noah Kagan
Christine Kane
Come Gather Round
Create Business Growth

Teach Marketing Tools

Lonely Marketer
Drew's Marketing Minute
Yaro Starak
Todd And
Duct Tape Marketing
Diva Marketing
David Meerman Scott
Small Business Marketing Mavericks
Russell Davies
Greg Verdino
Jason Lonsdale
Matt Dickman
MP Daily Fix
PodPress Forum
Seth Godin
Hee Haw Marketing
Conversation Agent
Note to CMO

Welcome Wagons for Newbies

Successful & Outstanding Blogs
The Good Blogs

  • Contributors:

  • Robyn McMaster
  • C.B. Whittemore
  • Lori Magno
  • Janet Green
  • Joanna Young
  • Paul McEnany
  • Mario Vellandi
  • Richard Cockrum
  • Ryan Karpeles
  • Liz Strauss
  • Lewis Green
  • Patrick Schaber
  • Gianandrea Facchini
  • Chris Brown
  • Spinning Silk Multimedia

    1. Congrats! on your 1-year blog birthday. Great resources and thanks for including Diva Marketing.

    2. Thanks Toby for your comment. Just want to make sure I clarify your comment. Often, I will post articles from others that I have found interesting and valuable in order to help spread the word. This one came from Drew McLellan and his blog
      which I subscribe to and will occasionally use as a source for my Collective Wisdom site:

      A good rule of thumb, if the font on the website is red, I wrote it, black font is usually from the mentioned source.

      I write and edit 5 of my own sites and blogs along with managing a couple others. This began a few years ago as a way to help my daughter who was starting a sales career and needed some training materials that I had developed. She also had a blog and I decided to share some of the things I learned via a blog or two. Then a couple years ago I kicked it into high gear and the growth has been outstanding. While both local and national recognition has been nice, it also fulfills my desire to help others. (By the way, I just subscribed to your blog and may include some of your wisdom in future Collective Wisdom articles).